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The IPpie Kids!

Hero of Happiness
Hero of Happiness.png
"What you think about, you bring about!"

When we are aware of the importance of our 45,000-65,000 daily thoughts, and that our life will reflect our thoughts, we are more discerning, and make better choices about what thoughts we release, and what thoughts we allow and embrace.
Bella B. Leaves
Bella B. Leaves.png
"I believe in me, and I believe in you!"

When we believe in our selves, we also believe more in others, life, the world, and our own value as an integral part of it all.
E. Moshun
E. Moshun.png
"It feels good to feel good!"

When we understand that our emotions are a choice, we feel empowered to spend as much time with them as we need/want to, and do our best to choose the ones that feel good!
Ak Shin
Ak Shin.png
"Lights, camera, take action!"

No matter how much we choose the right thoughts and beliefs, manage our emotions, and have faith in it all, we still have to "do stuff" and take steps in the direction of our desired results to achieve success.
Dreamy D. Zire
Dreamy D. Desire.png
"It's good to have a dream, and DREAM BIG!"

Dreams are wishes of the heart, part of our connection to the divine, and meant to come true, so dare to dream, and allow yourself to be limitless in those dreams!
"Have faith in that which you cannot see, and it will be."

Having faith is an integral part of our dreams coming true... knowing there is always something or someone available to help us, develops faith in ourselves, life, and the world.
Me Ning Uflife
Me ning uflile.png
"I love my life!"

Loving our life, and being happy are decisions, and the more we choose to embrace these ideals, the more we will actually feel happy, and live a life we love.
*The Ippie Kids are a part of the youth program, I Believe in Me! that was co-created by Rebecca Psigoda and Mike Dooley. I Believe In Me! is adapted for kids and based on Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities-Living the Life of Your Dreams book and program.
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