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An Infinite Possibilities trainer since 2012, and in response to a request from the Homeless Families Foundation of Columbus, OH, in Rebecca created this derivative of the IP Program for youth, “Infinite Possibilities I Believe in ME! in 2015,” The IBIM program is available to young people worldwide!

Rebecca Psigoda


Columbus, Ohio

Trainer- Tracey DiGi.JPEG

Tracey is passionate about guiding children and families as they flourish and actualize their unique gifts and potential. With over 20 years of experience as a Special Education teacher, Tracey understands the diverse range of social, emotional and cognitive abilities and challenges that individuals face. Tracey's experience as an educator, combined with her own mindfullness practice, has cultivated her ability to supoort children as they strive to more clearly understand their own beliefs, emotions, thoughts and abilities.....and towards actualizing their goals and dreams. Tracey believes in you!

Tracey Somers DiGiacomo

Philadelphia, PA

Trainer- Alaina.jpg


Black woman

Mother Business

Owner Global Consultant

Published Author

Committed to showing people how to access their world changing, situation changing, LIFE changing POWER!

Imposter Syndrome Disrupter Created to demonstrate possibility to those that can't find it

I am a stand for my four sons creating the life of their dreams!

Alaina McMurtry

Bolingbrook, IL

Trainer- Amy Gutzmer.png

Amy Kerman-Gutzmer is on a mission to help you access your inner calm and change your life with programs focusing on mind, body & spirit. She has certifications and specialized training in Infinite Possibilities, IBIM, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation & Energy Healing. She is excited to share IBIM to help kids and parents be a part of something together that can improve their mental health and make the world a better place.

Amy Kerman-Gutzmer

Geneva, IL

Phyllis Patterson.jpg

Phyllis enjoys developing her intuition thru various forms of energy work including Therapeutic Touch and Reiki. As a seasoned infant massage instructor, Phyllis views the IBIM program as a brilliant tool for the families' toolkit. Her vision for IBIM is to create harmony in the family, balance within the home, and brightness for the community. Phyllis also enjoys being in nature and nurturing her garden.

Phyllis Paterson

Red Deer, Alberta Canada

Trainer- Tina Stepan.jpg

I am a certified Infinite Possibilities and IBIM trainer, here to let everyone aged 5+, know that, by changing our thoughts we can change our lives and follow our dreams! It can be an empowering experience for everyone (including the inner child) to learn how to master our thoughts. I am here to help others find peace and happiness, learn to follow their dreams and create their best Lives

Tina Stepan

Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Trainer- Susan Thurston.JPG

Susan became a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer in 2021 and is excited about sharing the Infinite Possibilities based workshop I Believe In Me! with young people. As a Certified I Believe in Me! Trainer, Susan is passionate about empowering people of all ages to discover their inner potential and create the life of their dreams. Susan currently resides in Springfield, OR with her husband and two dogs.

Susan Thurston

Springfield, OR

Trainer- JaTorra.jpg

Hello, I’m JaTorra, a 20-year veteran teacher, turned Transformational Life Coach, and Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor. I am very passionate about supporting student learning outcomes by giving them tools to improve or enhance their social, emotional and mental wellness. This is why getting certified as an I Believe In Me Instructor was so important to me. IBIM is a great program for kids that implements positive mindset techniques and gives them tools to be empowered which I believe are vehicles for healing, social change, and supports the mind-body-spirit connection.

JaTorra Commodore

Milford, CT

Trainer- Sandy Ortiz.jpeg

I am a Mexican Mother of Two Wonderful Children born and raised in USA, embracing both Cultures. I Hold an Early Childhood Education Degree, Had a Home Daycare when my kids were young giving me the privilege to be with them. About 5 years ago I started the Journey to Look within and Learn to Love Myself, With this experience, I guide You to find The Power Within Yourself and to Align Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing through Holistic Therapies and Workshops, Infinite Possibilities and IBIM are part of it!!!

Sandy Ortiz

Katy, Texas

Trainer- Danielle Williams.jpg

I’m a mom of two incredible kids, a pediatric audiologist and Spiritual Life Coach for Parents and children. IBIM means empowering our youth to express themselves in their own unique ways. I believe we all have the potential to create a life full of freedom and joy. I am here to help support our youth and parents to know they are loved and capable of greatness regardless of the circumstances they face each day.

Danielle Williams

St Petersburg, FL

Trainer- Luz Elena.jpg

Luz Elena is a Certified Trailblazer for Infinite Posibilites, Playing the Matrix and I Believe in Me Program. Her passion is guiding childrens and adults to create the life of their dreams. Advocate listener to their soul, Luz Elena understands their rhythms and times in the joungles of time and space. Unfolding them to their best version.

Luz Elena Orozco

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Trainer- Christy Newlin

I am a passionate educator and believe my true purpose is to help others harness their personal power. I encourage students to develop a greater sense of self-awareness, so they can thrive. By sharing with students how I have handled my own experiences of challenge and discovery, I demonstrate to students that having a growth mindset is not only a blessing, but a necessity. I enjoy teaching I Believe in Me! because it is based on the principles of positive psychology. Students are introduced to tools and methods that will help them align their thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions with their dreams and goals. 

Christy Newlin

Director of Training

Collegeville, PA

Trainer- Barbara Dixon.jpg

Kia Ora and Greetings from New Zealand! I feel very enthusiastic and so fortunate to be offering this powerful "I believe in Me programme." As a grandmother and teacher, I see a growing need for our children( and adults!) to realise the power of their thoughts,words and emotions to be able to step into an empowered,adventurous life...

Barbara Dixon-Grant

Dunedin, New Zealand

Toni Headshot.webp

Toni has been a certified trainer for Infinite Possibilities since 2019 and is excited about sharing Infinite Possibilities I Believe In Me! with our youth. So often children and teens feel powerless to change what is going on around them. This program will show them that they have the power to change their perceptions and therefore their life. As the creator of Quantum Dreams, Toni believes that we all have the power to transform ourselves using our thoughts and beliefs.

Toni Boyle

Enfield, CT

Trainer- Donna Davis.jpg

I'm Donna J Davis and I inspire others to claim their uniqueness and to live their truth. Once we really know the power of our thoughts and act (in spite of fear), we can do amazing things. Rumi says, “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” IBIM has given me the tools to show youth they can indeed do just that.

Donna J Davis

Tucson, AZ

Trainer- Regina Mosley.jpg

Hey! Regina Mosley here, spiritual intuitive, community and youth advocate. Being an only child growing up without a strong sense of self or identity was difficult. I've overcome insurmountable obstacles and empowering future generations, with the tools to create their wildest dreams regardless of circumstances or external expectations ignites my soul. That's why I am so excited to bring IBIM to the youth in my community and abroad.

Regina Mosley

New London, CT

Trainer- Laura Weisser.JPG

My goal is to provide opportunities for individuals of all ages to improve their current situation by sharing strategies for building empowerment, resiliency and self-esteem. In today's ever changing and often challenging environment, it is critical to develop positive methods for continued growth. This incredible program provides a fun approach with supporting activities for helping children build the foundational skills that will lead to a life filled with unlimited potential.

Laura Weisser

Reading, PA

Trainer- Michael Mammina.jpg

As a child, Michael was the victim of being bullied, both verbally and physically. This is why I Believe in Me! means so much to him. He is committed to inspiring young people to see their potential exactly as they are. Aside from being a Trainer, he is a Life Coach, Health Coach, and Life-Cycle Celebrant with multiple certifications and global professional experience. His mantra is… F.L.Y., First Love Yourself!

Michael Mammina

Phoenix, AZ

Trainer- Dawn Deharmony.jpg

Dawn De’Harmony, B.S., M.Ed., holds a current Oregon Teaching License and has taught middle school ELA and health curriculum for 31 years. Dawn exemplifies passion, embraces life’s rhythms and lives life following her inner truth! As a pioneer of the heart, and life-long advocate for self-empowerment, she aspires to facilitate the innovative IP/ IBIM program as a way to continue supporting and inspiring others in their journey.

Dawn DeHarmony

Grants Pass, Oregon

Trainer- Norah Deay.jpg

Norah Deay is an Irish author, editor, and Certified IP Trainer. Living and working in London, The Netherlands and New Zealand, life has been at various times difficult, unhappy, exciting, joyful but, above all, interesting. Her Infinite Possibilities training opened up a world of, well, infinite possibility. Life became fun again, and she found her passion in life – to share IP with others.

Norah Deay

Portlaoise, Co Laois, Ireland

Trainer- Mandy Grenier.jpg

Certified Life Coach, author, speaker, and trainer focused on the personal development of women and youth. IBIM is an amazing program that opens the door to a child’s innate abilities to connecting with oneself and others. The program is delivered in an engaging and fun format. I love sharing IBIM with youth and watching their eyes light up when they learn to step into their power!

Mandy Grenier

New Hampshire