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 I Believe in ME! 

Are you someone who lives or works with young people and would like to assist them to have the best life possible?

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There is often a great deal of focus placed on “fixing what is broken” in individuals, whether young or old.  The I Believe in ME! program takes a different approach; one that is based in positive psychology and uses a forward-thinking methodology to assist students in moving toward their dreams or goals.  The focus is placed on an individual’s strengths, taking responsibility for one’s own actions, and building on one’s own power to create the life that they want.

What Will You Learn to Teach as an I Believe in ME! Trainer?

Thoughts Become

Establish an understanding of the importance of choice in everything,       beginning with what one thinks about.

Meditation & Visualization

Increase awareness of one's own mind and its ability to shift one’s life experience through intention.


Understand that we have the ability to shift our beliefs to ones that are more agreeable to achieving our success in whatever area we choose. 

Empowering Beliefs

Learn that limiting beliefs are what often hold us back and show how easy it is to shift to beliefs that empower us.


Learn the importance of honoring our emotions as life’s feedback system and also show our ability to shift them to ones that feel better.


Learn how to have an experience with a form of art that shows connection and creates a sense of calm. Art therapy is a choice for managing one’s own emotions.

Dreams, Goals & Taking Action

Show the importance of having dreams, designing goals, and following through with baby steps each day toward achievement.

Vision Boards & Community Puzzle

Creation of a physical object that becomes a daily reminder of one’s dreams or a visual of how important each individual is as a part of a whole.

Is Becoming an I Believe in ME! Trainer right for you?
Are you a...

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Who would like to see their child grow up with skills to thrive vs just survive?

Who would like to offer empowerment to your child so  he/she/they have more tools to navigate the challenges ahead, both short and long term?

Who's concerned about your child’s grades, self-esteem, and/or ability to manage the challenges of youth and adolescence?



Who would like to share with your participants a program that offers guidance in the importance of their mental game?

Who would like to show your participants that empowerment and feeling confident is a game-changer in sports/music/dance/art, etc?

Who would like your participants to have fun with their extra-curricular activities and events regardless of the outcome?

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Who would like to offer your students tools to create confidence in themselves to make better choices about learning?

Who would like to see your students more engaged, focused, and even happier while in class?

Who would like to offer after-school or summer school programs with tools for your students that will help them thrive vs just survive?

Dreamy D. Desire.png


Who would like to have a helpful program to assist you in offering students what they need to feel better and more confident about themselves?

Who believes that when students feel empowered, they are more likely to make better decisions?

Who has students that would benefit from something different, such as the positive psychology approach of I Believe in ME!?

Get Trained!

Join hundreds of trainers from around the world in bringing   I Believe in ME! to youth everywhere.
Join our self-guided online course!
* You must attend each session or watch all recordings to receive a certificate

What are I Believe in ME! Trainers saying?

"Wow, wow, wow is what I want to say about the wonderful training you provided to us! I know the time and effort you put into this, and I'm so grateful to having been part of this. I'm looking forward to helping so many kids (of all ages)! Thanks again!!!"

- Sherri Diamond, Colorado

"Bursting with gratitude for your time and love in this course. I am excited to see where we all grow. Spring is the perfect time to plant these seeds. I can't wait to Mastermind with Jared and all of you. My heart is full today!!"

- Marci Moore, British Columbia

"Thank you so much. The Universe has blessed us with you two wonderful ladies. It is such an easy format to follow and present to children. I can't wait to put this to practice on the next summer camp!!!"

- Sandy Ortiz, Texas

What Will You Receive by Becoming an I Believe in ME! Trainer?

Our goal is to give you all the tools necessary to share this with young people.

  • I Believe in ME!

    Self-Guided Online Course
    • Seven hours of online training
    • Access to downloadable instructor and student manuals
    • Fully customizable PowerPoint
    • Lyrics to the IPpie Kids Rap Song
Registration Anchor
In 2015, The Homeless Families Foundation in Columbus, OH decided to expand their Youth Development Program and approached Rebecca Psigoda about modifying the adult Infinite Possibilities program for youth ages 5-14. Launched in August of that year with an intrepid group of 9 I Believe in Me! students, the program has since expanded significantly and grown to international status, and thousands of young people and children have participated worldwide.
In 2015, The Homeless Families Foundation in Columbus, OH, expanded their Youth Development Program and collaborated with Rebecca Psigoda to modify the adult Infinite Possibilities program for youth ages 5-14. Launched in August of that year with an intrepid group of nine I Believe in Me! students, the program has since expanded significantly and grown to international status, and thousands of young people have participated worldwide.

Questions about the I Believe in ME! training?

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