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Infinite Possibilities: I Believe in ME!


A youth empowerment program designed to share the concepts behind living more consciously and deliberately to create the life that one wants. Created by Rebecca Psigoda, Certified Infinite PossibilitiesTrainer, this program is based on the principles outlined in the New York Times bestselling book, Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams by Mike Dooley. The intention of this program is to show youth how powerful they are and that if they can use their imagination, believe in themselves, and follow a few simple steps every day, then they can create the changes and/or life that they want.

In 2015, The Homeless Families Foundation in Columbus, OH decided to expand their Youth Development Program and approached Rebecca Psigoda about modifying the adult Infinite Possibilities program for youth ages 5-14. Launched in August of that year with an intrepid group of 9 I Believe in Me! students, the program has since expanded significantly, grown to international status, and thousands of young people have participated worldwide.
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Rebecca Psigoda, co-founder, believes that life plays out in a way that always offers gifts for those who are open and willing to look at it as a series of infinite opportunities.  Growing up in an ‘at-risk’ youth environment, losing her mother before the age of 2, raised by an abusive father with the challenges of alcoholism, leaving home at 16, and finding herself homeless on the streets of Los Angeles as a teenager became her gifts.  Rebecca speaks of these events as the foundation that built her desire, sense of purpose, and passion to reach and share with young people, a message of their own power to thrive vs just survive in life, no matter what!  


Rebecca, creator of IBIM, is one of Mike Dooley’s certified trainers in the Infinite Possibilities program. After delivering the program to adults for several years, in 2015, Rebecca re-packaged Mike’s adult program for a younger audience and with empowerment as the core message, named it I Believe in ME!.  Initially for middle school aged students, ages 9-14, the success witnessed in the behavior shifts of the students in the program prompted a request for a further adaptation; an elementary school version for students ages 5-8. In addition, Rebecca has published both a children’s book and coloring book to augment the program and its teachings. 

I Believe in ME! is currently an international program and Rebecca continues to share her materials, experiences, and training with organizations, trainers/teachers/counselors/coaches or anyone working with or parenting children.   She also continues to speak, write, and create more empowerment tools. The most recent addition to Rebecca’s programs is Infinite Possibilities for the Well-Traveled Soul, a program for adults travelling an unexpected path in life.  For more information on IP for the WTS, please go to her website,

Rebecca donates all speaking income outside her IP Community to The Homeless Families Foundation, where her version of the program first began or local at-risk youth charities in a local location where she is delivering her speech. 

Mike Dooley, co-founder, is a world famous professional speaker, author and ‘super-cool’ guy that created the program, Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life, based on his New York Times best-selling book. Infinite Possibilities is the successful adult empowerment program that currently has thousands of certified trainers helping reach those who need to be reached all over the world sharing Mike’s message of hope and truth about life, it’s magic and our own power to create the life of our dreams.
“Immense gratitude to Mike Dooley for his creation of the Infinite Possibilities Program as the foundational work that made this program, I Believe in ME! possible!” 

To learn more about Mike Dooley, his world-famous, “Notes from the Universe,” books, or current program offerings, please visit

In addition, if interested in becoming a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer like Rebecca, Christy, and Jared, please visit
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Luz Elena Orozco, Training Coordinator – Mexico, is an enthusiastic believer in the I Believe in ME! Program. She is also certified to train in Infinite Possibilities, Playing the Matrix, and I Believe in ME! Luz Elena utilizes her knowledge and prior experience as a teacher and coach to share empowering messages with others. She is passionate about teaching and is excited to share everything she is. Luz Elena loves eating hot chips and cotton candy.


From the moment Luz Elena learned about I Believe in ME!, it became her goal to bring the program’s message to kids and young people in Mexico.  After talking with Rebecca, it was concluded that Mexico needs more trainers.  Being that Luz Elena is fluent in both languages and understands the difference between the 2 cultures, she translated and transformed parts of the program to fit her specific audience.


¡Yo Creo en MI! is growing rapidly in Mexico. Luz Elena is always looking for additional teachers and trainers to help spread the message and to work with kids using the I Believe in ME! Spanish empowerment program.  


For more information on the program and to work with Luz Elena, please reach out to her at:

Jared Schuster, branding, web design & accountability coaching, was born into the world of I Believe in ME! At the tender age of 6, Jared lost his father to AIDS. Shortly after his father’s passing, his family spent the better part of a decade in AIDS outreach/education, writing essays and created an AIDS memorial quilt panel which is displayed globally to teach the need for compassion and healing. From a young age, he fostered an attitude of empathy, compassion and communication with his peers and elders and is now bringing these tools to this new generation.

He has spent time studying with yogis in India and shamans in Ecuador. Jared has a B.A. in management and marketing from Purdue University, is an international speaker, published writer, has over 300 hours of yoga teaching certification, professional life coaching certification, Infinite Possibilities® certified, Playing The Matrix® certified, and more. He is filled with excitement to be stepping into service with our future generation.

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Special thanks to Christy Newlin for all that she has contributed to the IBIM Program!  Christy joined the IP Community in 2020 and shared her expertise, extensive education, and personal passion for working with kids with Rebecca.  Together, they updated the program materials, created training videos, and trained over 100 new trainers online through 2022.  


Christy’s assistance was instrumental in improving the program into what it is today. 

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