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I Believe in ME!

A Youth Empowerment Program Focused On Social And Emotional Learning

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Join hundreds of trainers from around the world in bringing   I Believe in ME! to youth everywhere
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What if you learned when you were young that everyone is special, important, valued, and loved beyond measure?  This includes YOU!

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What if you learned when you were young that your greatest gift is the ability to choose what you think, say, and do? As you make these choices, you create your reality in this life.

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What if you learned when you were young that this ability to choose is like a superpower that makes you feel limitless?

I Believe in Me! is a 10-session program that promotes lifelong learning by encouraging youth to develop the following traits:

  • By showing curiosity about human nature and how the world works

  • By seeking and valuing diversity

  • By persisting in seeking out new solutions

  • By using their unique talents and intelligence to promote positive change

I Believe in ME! has reached thousands of kids from all corners of the world...

"I created I Believe in ME! to work with ‘at-risk’ youth, but soon discovered that all young people are at-risk without the right tools to manage their own mind."
–Rebecca Psigoda, creator–

Empower Today's Youth For a Brighter Tomorrow
Your financial contributions go directly toward bringing I Believe in ME! to underserved communities

Introducing The IPpie Kids…

These characters represent each module of the curriculum for ages 5-10. They come to life to help guide children through the principles of the I Believe in ME! program. They even have their very own rap song!

IPpie is the nickname for certified trainers in Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities® program.


I Believe in ME! Coloring Book  
I Believe in Me! School: Where All Students Have Superpowers!!!!
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